The Cotton Industry in Lancashire, England.


by Edmund R. Heaton

The authentic and well-researched history of a family of small landowners and yeomen farmers in Lancashire, England typical of those from whose domestic spinning and weaving activities grew the world's first Industrial Revolution and the 150-year reign of King Cotton in Lancashire.

Established near Bolton from the 14th century this family of farmers, small textile manufacturers and entrepreneurs were prominent in the cotton industry in that area for 150 years from the late 18th century.
The firm of William Heaton and Sons Ltd. of Lostock became the largest private cotton spinning company in the country.

This fascinating account of the successes and failures of one family during their early years as landowners and farmers, followed by four centuries of development from farmers to major industrialists cannot fail to interest those who wish to study in greater detail the varying fortunes of a typical entrepreneurial family in the cotton industry of the UK.

BOOK DETAILS Size 234 x 156mms ( 9.21 x 6.14 ins.), 224 pages, 50 illustrations (3 in color), 6 family trees.

"Excellent";"very comprehensive and detailed";"valuable contribution"; "fascinating";"compelling reading"; "super"; "readable and well-illustrated" ; "highly commended"..

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